"Life is not about how long you live but rather the good times you have while living life."
James Johnson

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Call: (250) 309-3065
Email: james@biggerballoon.com

James' Bio

James Johnson has been captivating audiences for over 11 years as a professional entertainer. He has an incredible ability to make people laugh. His talents include visual comedy, magic and amazing stunts that are highlights at special events around the world. He has performed hundreds of shows in China, the South Pacific, Mexico, Dubai and all over Canada and the United States.

 Most people that has seen the show say "You have to see it to believe it!"  His incredible stage show provides a rollercoaster of emotions, from unstoppable laughter to gut-wrenching worry as he pushes the limits by putting people of all ages inside a giant latex balloon as his main feature. He is creatively funny, unique and you’ll be mesmerized by his charm and vibrant personality. James has also been featured on many news channels across North America as well as a special feature on the discovery channel highlighting his "odd" job.

 James Johnson travels to any event in the world from Kelowna International Airport (YLW) British Columbia Canada.