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Show Requirements and details:

First and foremost, be prepared to have fun. Second, simply follow the requirements below for the entertainment to go smoothly. If you have any questions please feel free to phone (250) 309-3065 or email James at We want your entertainment booking experience with James to be as enjoyable as watching it!

Show Requirements and Technical Details

The Magical Daredevil Comedy Show is an interactive visual act. The audience needs to HEAR and SEE the show CLEARLY to enjoy the show. Below is a wish list to make the experience with James the best it can be. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, phone (250) 309-3065 or email James at We want your experience of booking entertainment to be as enjoyable as watching it!

It is best to work out the small details now than to stress about them the day of the show making both parties uneasy.

Set-up: Less than 5 minutes
Tech sound check: 10 minutes
Take down: 2 minutes

Duration of the Magical Daredevil Comedy Show
The show can be performed indoors or outdoors either as a short supporting act or as a full 30-45 minute featured act depending on the venue. Fifteen minute halftime shows or an hour long record-breaking attempt show are also available. James can adapt to any venue and circumstance. Just let us know what you need and we will be more than willing to make it happen.

Stage Dimensions/Details:
24’ Wide x 16’ Deep is ideal.
16’ Wide x 12’ Deep is acceptable
12’ Wide x 12’Deep is doable.
All seams on surface of stage should be taped to prevent tripping.

Stage Height:
Two to Three feet high is ideal. During the show James likes to jump on and off the stage to interact with the audience and select volunteers. Stairs located at the front of the stage is also highly recommended for volunteers to come and go off the stage.

Performance on ground level of 80 or less is OK. If the audience sits on the floor (i.e., school shows) then everyone can see clearly because the performers are then higher than the audience.

Clearance height:
Since the big balloon used in the show is 6 feet tall there should be at least a 12 foot ceiling measured from the stage for the show to work smoothly. Less is doable but please inform James prior to the event so that there are no surprises.

Types of seating:

Dinner seating:
The tables closest to the stage should be set up five to ten feet from the front of the stage, not too far off to the sides. Tables can fan out wider as they go back.

Seating arrangement:
The ideal seating arrangement is theatre style, with rows of chairs in a slightly curving semicircle, with the front row approximately five to ten feet from the front of the stage. The first row should be only slightly longer than the stage is wide. Each successive row can be longer by two chairs.

General house lighting is sufficient. If stage lighting is available, a warm general wash, from the front, high sides, with some pale pink and/or pale amber gels is ideal. A total of four to six instruments, two or three on each side, is sufficient. Two lighting stands should be placed eight to sixteen feet in front of stage, and off to each side. House lights over the audience should be at approximately 50% intensity during the performance.

One headset cordless wireless mic (Sennheiser model EW 100 G2) will be provided by James Johnson. An Ipod is used for his music source using a small remote control plugged into the main pa system which will also be provided by James. James also comes with his music backed up on a CD just in case there are challenges with the ipod.

Sound Layout Guidelines:
Clear main speakers for the audience to hear the show clearly.
Tripods are recommended so the speakers do not need to be placed on the stage.
Speakers on the stage can obstruct a clear view of the show.
Monitors so the people on stage can hear clearly.
This allows the main speakers to be placed so the audience can hear them the best.
If a monitor is NOT supplied the sound HEARD ON STAGE is the sound bouncing off the rear wall of the room. This sound is muffled and distorted.

*Speakers that are built into the ceiling of convention centers and meeting rooms are NOT acceptable. They can not handle music, speaking and vocal sound effects at the same time. They (almost always) distort and are not clear sounding.

Promoting the show at your event is very important to maximize its effectiveness. The bigger the crowd, the bigger the smiles that walks away from your event. Cool pictures and descriptions are available to help promote the Magical Daredevil Comedy Show in posters, signs or programs.

Please call or e-mail us and mention your needs and we will help you the best way we can. Most importantly let your local news media know that you are booking a rare and interesting act. This is very easy to do since most media personnel have never interviewed a guy who climbs inside a balloon for a living before! Pictures from the show usually always end up in your local paper. The more media coverage you can get the better.

James Johnson's shows are low tech and high impact! For best viewing and audience satisfaction, James always asks for ideal set-up, but is very adaptable and can work in almost any situation.

Travel and Accommodations

Airfare/Transportation, hotel accommodation and various expenses such as extra baggage are the responsibility of the purchaser unless otherwise stated on the contract.

Hotel arrangements made by the venue should be pre-arranged as follows:
One non smoking double hotel room.

James Johnson understands that the event will only be responsible for the lodging itself, and not additional expenses that may be incurred.(ie phone calls, food, key deposits, etc).
Rooms should be booked under the name James Johnson.
James prefers a 'non-smoking ' room, on the first floor when available.

Various Introductions
Short Introductions

Unlike any comedy show you have seen before, the world record balloon show must be seen to be believed. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls get ready for some fun and excitement, laughter and enthusiasm; please welcome the magical daredevil comedy show and James Johnson.

Longer Introduction
Combining many comedy aspects from improv to physical comedy, the high-energy performance of James Johnson will take you on a crazy comedy adventure. "Refreshing" "Different" and "Original" are a few words used to describe the contagious personality and outrageous feats of James Johnson.

Performing around the world and entertaining crowds of all ages, shapes and sizes, James has a style all his own and a show unlike anything out there. Please help me welcome James Johnson.

Cancellation Policy
Once the contract is signed James Johnson accepts no cancellations, except due to an act of God (flood, tornadoes, etc..), terrorist catastrophe and/or in case of complete event closure or cancellation. Rain is not considered a justifiable reason for cancellation (as we can work in the rain) unless event is closed completely because of such. Unreasonable cancellations, outside of aforementioned exceptions, may be assessed up to 50% of previously agreed upon total performance fees plus court costs when occurring outside of 60 days prior to event. Cancellations within 60 days of event may be responsible (as determined by a court of law) for 100% of total performance fees plus court costs.
In the unlikely event of a cancellation by our cast or by an individual cast member (due to illness or circumstances beyond our control) we will agree to do your event the following year at a substantially reduced rate, to make up for any missed portion or event.
Payment for service
Payment be made available no later than the final day of the event.
Checks should be made payable to Biggar Productions Inc.

Please feel free to contact James Johnson with any questions regarding the Magical Daredevil Comedy Show or entertainment needs.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Phone (250) 309-3065



*Please be advised that his schedule is busy and that you should not delay to contact him. Because his entertainment is very original and unique, it is best to reserve your date early.